Heartland Client Form

Please take a moment to read the requirements for our practice to issue a Health Certificate for your horse for shipping.  

Health Certificate Information/Requirements

If your horse will be crossing state lines after quarantine, you will need a health certificate issued by a veterinarian to document that the horse is healthy enough for travel and free of contagious diseases.

Requirements for Health Certificate from Heartland Quarantine:

  1. Current Negative Coggins Test
    If your horse has a coggins from auction, please email a copy to sep@ueavet.com 5 days prior to the horse’s departure. We must have a legible copy in order to issue the health certificate.
  • Negative Strep PCR Test (Strangles)
  • Physical Exam
    Our veterinarian will examine the horse prior to PCR testing to identify any underlying health issues to ensure the horse is fit to travel. 
    This exam does not include a full lameness evaluation. 

Tests for a highlycontagious upper respiratory infection in horses known as strangles. The horsewill be sedated while an endoscopic exam is performed to retrieve afluid sample from the horse’s guttural pouches to send out for testing. Results are returned within 24 hours.