Office Professionals

Emily C. Dolinger

Administrative Assistant

Emily joined Unionville Equine Associates in August 2022 with 10+ years of experience as an administrative professional. She currently fulfills the administrative tasks for Dr. Jamie Minnella and Dr. Morgan Adams. Emily’s love for animals began at a young age, helping orphaned kittens, bunnies, and fledglings. Currently, Emily has a year-old cattle dog/lab mix named Jack, who enjoys hiking and being outdoors as much as she does. When she is not adventuring with Jack, you can find Emily tending to her vegetable and flower garden or reading a new book.

Karen L. Webb

Administrative Assistant

Karen joined us as our administrative assistant in 2006 and quickly became a valued member of the UEA family.  Originally from Delaware, she spent many years in the banking industry but soon realized her passion for horses drove her to find another career path.  She was an avid dressage rider for many years but now just enjoys trail riding when she can.  You can see her most often walking or hiking with her big fluffy dog Jameson.

Sarah A. Fox

Administrative Assistant

Sarah is the administrative assistant to Dr. Blakeslee and Dr. Wiegand and brings experience in small animal and mixed veterinary practices to assist UEA’s clients. Sarah began riding in elementary school and continued being involved with horses for much of her adult life. She became involved in the sport of dog agility in 1997 and has competed with a variety of dogs over the years. Her current dog is Dylan, a Rat Terrier; she also has a cat and a small flock of pet chickens. Her other interests include reading, computers, hiking and camping, geocaching, and Judo.