Pre-Purchase Examination Agreement

We are pleased that you have chosen Unionville Equine Associates, PC to perform your pre-purchase exam. This form will explain the services included in the exam and describe additional services available to you. Our pre-purchase fee is $412.00 which includes a physical and soundness exam.  Other services can be provided at an additional charge, please contact our office for specific fees.

The additional procedures that can be performed include radiography, hematology, blood chemistry, drug screening, fecal test, breeding soundness exam and an endoscopic exam. There are many factors that should be considered as to whether these procedures would benefit your pre-purchase exam. The veterinarian performing the exam will contact the potential buyer to review the options available as well as to address any questions prior to the exam. After the exam the veterinarian will contact the potential buyer to review his or her findings. A written copy will also be provided.

The pre-purchase exam is intended to provide the buyer with an opinion of the condition of the horse prior to the purchase. This opinion is based on what is found on the day of examination and is not meant to be predictive for future soundness and suitability for various disciplines.  This form must be completed and submitted to our office prior to the exam date. Payment is required at the time of service by credit card and is non-refundable.

Pre-Purchase Agreement

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